Dear River Family,

We are truly facing unprecedented times in the world today. As you may know, state officials have placed limits on public gatherings through the month of March and possibly beyond. These restrictions include faith-based gatherings and churches. We fully support the important effort set forth to limit the spread of COVID-19.

As a church, we have developed new policies to navigate these waters until the gathering restrictions are lifted, and we’re asking for your help. Now is the time to come together, support our communities and shine light in a dark world. As your pastor, I need you to join our leadership team in the following ways to support our church family and those who are in need.

1. Join our services online
Just because we can’t meet at the building, it doesn’t mean that we can’t meet online! It’s important that we stick together through this trial. We are setup with new live streaming equipment and ready to worship God with you. Join us onĀ Facebook Sunday at 9:00am and 11am; Wednesdays at 7:00pm for online gathering.

2. Please give online
We have already felt the financial strain caused by the crisis happening in our region. We are asking every member and church partner to continue giving using our secureĀ online giving portal. With your help, we will come out of this trial stronger than ever before.

3. Love your neighbors

Many people, especially the elderly and those with compromised immune systems, are feeling the weight of this crisis more than others. We need to protect the most vulnerable by calling them with a word of encouragement and offering to bring food and supplies if needed. The church is not a building… we are the church! Let your light shine.

4. Spread the Good News
People will often turn to God when things are tough. There are countless people in our surrounding areas who are thinking about God in ways they never have before. It’s our job to partner with the Holy Spirit by inviting them to participate in our online gatherings. They need to see God operating in a community setting. Stay connected to our social media channels for updated information and start sharing our live streaming and messages to others. Now is the time!

5. Stay encouraged
Jesus told us in advance that we would experience troubles in this life. However, we can take great confidence knowing that He has already overcome the world! Jesus offers you a special kind of peace… His peace… a peace that nothing can take away from you. Be safe, but do not fear. Jesus has overcome the world. Be of good cheer!

In Christ,

Pastor Jack