The River’s women’s ministry Flourish is comprised of every generation from teens to seniors, from every walk of life, and from a multitude of cultural backgrounds. We exist to serve, encourage, inspire, and engage with one another as we seek to become more like Christ. From seasonal Bible studies, connect groups, and events to one-on-one fellowship, Flourish Ministries offers something for every woman right where they are.


A couple things to know...

The greatest desire of Flourish is that the women who get involved will grow a desire to strengthen and deepen their knowledge and love of God. It is our next goal to promote connection and relationship-building among the women of the church. We are sisters in Christ, after all!

Flourish is not an exclusive group, clique, or club. We do not tolerate gossiping or inappropriate drama. We want to build each other up, not tear one another down!

Aside from the obvious, Flourish events are typically for those 18+. Otherwise, the only other criteria is being a woman!

To stay informed on what’s next for Flourish Ministries, download the River app and check back for calendar updates so you don’t miss a thing!