Flourish Women’s Ministries is comprised of every generation from teens to seniors, from every walk of life, and from a multitude of cultural backgrounds. We exist to serve, encourage, inspire, and engage with one another as we seek to become more like Christ. From seasonal Bible studies, connect groups, events, and conferences, to one-on-one fellowship, Flourish Ministries offers something for every woman right where they are.


Looks like we’re working on our next event, gathering, or outreach right now, so keep an eye out for updates and info!

What is Refresh, anyway?
It’s our every-now-and-then “bite-sized” time of fellowship and bonding that we do to catch up with each other and relax. We do something a little different every month, and we’re always brainstorming new and engaging ways to connect with our ladies! You can typically expect snacks, a devotional or short message, a game or craft, and of course, the space to unwind and be yourself. It’s always free to attend, and childcare is provided!

To stay informed on what’s next for Flourish Ministries, download the River app and check back for calendar updates on our upcoming events!