At The River, we believe that growing your faith goes beyond attending service. It takes work to cultivate and nurture the strength of the Spirit within you, so we host biannual co-ed Bible studies for those who enjoy an open classroom setting to dig a little deeper into the Word.

Our Bible studies are for all adults in any stage of life, led by Pastors Jim and Tracy Xavier. These curriculums are built to be easy to follow, with accompanying homework (don’t worry, it’s not graded) to help you apply what you learn in the study.

Make sure to check our calendar and download our app so you don’t miss updates on the next class!


Co-ed Bible Study is returning with a power-packed series on Paul’s greatest epistle: the book of Romans. In this study, we will grow an understanding of Rome in Paul’s day as we explore his letters to the early church. What was the purpose of these letters, and how can we apply their contents to our modern-day Christian walk? We’ll go over all of this and more during these 6 weeks together.

Join us Monday nights from October 9 – November 13. Childcare will be provided and registration is $15/person. Sign up below or at the Event Center. We look forward to studying God’s Word with you!



In September 2022, we took a close look at Philippians and Colossians, going chapter by chapter and delving deep into these letters to the early churches. As it turns out, the problems and issues the people of Philippi and Colossae were facing are not so different than those happening in our modern-day culture.


Pastor Jack’s latest book, The Fortress: How to Armor Your Heart, was used as the template for this study. In January, we nosedived into the topic of learning to guard your heart from the enemy’s attacks, while also remaining sensitive to the Holy Spirit and being able to stay strong in the midst of spiritual warfare.