DFL is The River’s adult discipleship program to equip Christians with the tools and wisdom to experience the fullest life in Christ! From this class you will be motivated to make these primary components part of your daily walk with God. Different from Bible study, DFL is formatted to teach and train you in different aspects of your faith life, with a focus on the techniques and practices written in the Word to be tacked onto your spiritual tool belt!

Discipleship for Life is held in Room 115 during our 9AM Sunday service when class is in session, and it’s free to join! Stay tuned for info on the next DFL class!


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All DFL classes are held in the lower level of River of Life in Room 115.

There is no cost for attending Discipleship for Life.* In order to serve the church and all who attend, we try to make classes easy to attend! Just sign up at the Event Center or using the buttons on this page if there is a current class being held.

*There may occasionally be a small fee if the course includes outsourced material that is not produced by The River.

Depending on the class, most are between two to five weeks each. Watch for our class announcements as they change frequently throughout the year.

Discipleship for Life is for adults of all ages! We encourage everyone to participate in DFL classes as they change annually and are always fun and interesting! Best of all, you have an opportunity to meet and fellowship with others, learn the Word, and grow deeper in your faith. Join us at our next class.