What to Expect

Expectation goes a long way. Expect the best,
and you will gain a meaningful experience at The River

Expect God’s Best for You.

In any true church of Jesus Christ around the world, you should expect to find God at work in His people. That means a group of believers who believe in Jesus Christ, the power of the Word of God through the Holy Spirit, and love abounding.

Expect to be changed.

God loves us so much that when we draw near to Him, He promised to change us for the better. To see life through His lens, and to experience things we never could without Him in our lives. Expect that when you visit us at The River that God would do something miraculous—Just for you, because He loves you!

Expect the freedom to be yourself.

At The River, you can come as you are and dress as you like. Although we all have the freedom to be who we want to be, we encourage helping others from being distracted by wearing clothes that would be appropriate for eating out or seeing a movie.

Expect meaningful worship.

We love to worship the King of Kings, Jesus Christ. When you visit, don’t hold back. Worship the Lord with all your heart, and we will have a fantastic experience together.

Expect to hear the unadulterated Word of God

Pastor Jack Holt is an anointed minister of the Word of God. He has devoted his life to teaching, training and helping the body of Christ. Pastor’s weekly messages are filled with truth, hope, life, and light.