Real Life Discipleship

Education with a Heart

Real Life Discipleship is River of Life's adult discipleship program,
broken out into five (5) different series:

101 - Real Life Decisions

Making decisions which impact our spiritual growth are what this class is all about! In this dynamic series, you will increase your understanding of God’s Word through inspired teaching, group interaction and application of spiritual truths in your own life.
Class 101 consists of 5 weekly sessions.

201 - Real Life Habits

This series takes a look at five habits essential for spiritual growth, including: Spending time in God’s Word, prayer, generosity, forgiveness, and fellowship. From this class you will be motivated to make these five primary habits part of your daily walk with God.
Class 201 consists of 5 weekly sessions.

301 - Real Life Service

Jesus came not to be served but to serve! In the same way, we seek to teach you how to be a servant of the house of God. We will help you to address the various facets of how God created you, and how to best put those qualities to use for the kingdom!
Class 301 consists of 4 weekly sessions.

401 - Real Life Evangelism

Are you a “soul winner” or would you like to be strengthened in personal evangelism? This series will teach you to confidently and effectively share your faith as you learn to communicate the gospel message simply and directly. You will also learn how to use your personal testimony, as well as how to pray with someone to receive Christ as their Savior.
Class 401 consists of 4 weekly sessions.

501 - Real Life Leadership

This series will prepare you for understanding leadership in all areas of your life including your family, workplace, church, and government. You will discover amazing truth in how we are protected and blessed as we unite under the covering of God.
Class 501 consists of six weekly sessions.