Real Life Discipleship


Real Life Discipleship is River of Life's adult discipleship program,
broken out into five (5) separate classes:

101 - Real Life Decisions

Class 101 will help you discover what it means to know Christ and to make decisions to become a devoted member of God’s family. If you are a new Christian or an established believer who desires spiritual growth and an opportunity to meet new friends, then this class is for you! You will increase in understanding of God’s Word through inspired teaching, group interaction, exploring the scriptures and applying truths in your daily life. Class 101 consists of 5 weekly sessions.

201 - Real Life Habits

It is vital to establish habits that will lead to a victorious Christian life. This class provides a look at five spiritual disciplines essential for growth. You will be encouraged to make the application of these five habits a lifestyle. The concepts presented have a strong spiritual basis and teaching sessions include practical illustrations and small group discussions. Class 201 consists of 5 weekly sessions.
Class 201 starts on February 24th, 2019!

301 - Real Life Service

Class 301 will help you discover how God has uniquely created and designed you with special gifts and talents to be used for service and ministry. In this class you explore characteristics involved with spiritual gifts. You will learn how to lead a fulfilling and eternally rewarding life by using your special abilities and talents that God has given you. After completing a personal assessment, you have the opportunity to meet with one of our ministry leaders who will recommend ministries where you could best put your talents to use. Class 301 consists of 4 weekly sessions and starts April 7th, 2019.

401 - Real Life Evangelism

This class is designed to help people like you and me confidently and effectively share our faith with unsaved people we know. As you go through this course and apply its learnings, you’ll receive an increased excitement and desire to reach out and impact the lives of people around you. This will be the start of a challenging and exciting adventure as you learn how your faith and love for God can become contagious to those around you. Class 401 consists of 4 weekly sessions and starts June 3, 2019.

501 - Real Life Leadership

Class 501 will prepare you for leadership in all areas of your life including your family, workplace, church & government. You will discover the importance of coming under the covering and into unity with the leadership God has put in your life. Class 501 consists of six weekly sessions and starts July 14, 2019.