Growth and Challenge

Get ready to move your Christian growth into high gear as you challenge yourself with Discipleship for Life.
DFL is River of Life’s adult discipleship program, broken out into four different short series.


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All Adult Discipleship Classes are held in the lower level of River of Life in Room 108.


There is no cost for attending Adult Discipleship Classes. In order to serve the church and all who attend, we try to make classes easy to attend! Just sign up at the Event Center or using the buttons on this page below.


Depending on the class, most are between two to five weeks each. Watch for our class announcements as they change frequently throughout the year.


The class format has recently changed to accommodate as many people as we can, in smaller groups. We have also modified the course curriculum for all of our discipleship classes, with the goal of offering richer, more student-driven learning to facilitate true spiritual growth!


Discipleship for Life classes can be classified into two groups: Early discipleship and deeper study discipleship.

Early discipleship class series are BASICS and ESSENTIALS. Deeper study classes are STREAMS 1 and STREAMS 2 classes. So, anyone who would like to start out strong in their new or renewed faith would be welcome to attend BASICS & ESSENTIALS to start. For those looking for more detailed topical studies should enroll in STREAMS classes. Watch for schedules as they change throughout the year.

Discipleship for Life: BASICS

In this dynamic series, you will increase your understanding of God’s Word through inspired teaching, group interaction and application of spiritual truths in your own life.
Consists of 5 weekly sessions.

In the first week, we will discover who God is, and what the Bible is all about. Is God invisible? Where is He now? What is the Bible exactly? How was it written? Who can understand it? These and many more questions are answered in this class.

In week two we will take a deep look at salvation and the church. What exactly happens when a person gets “saved” and “gives their life to Christ?” How does this impact me, and what am I supposed to do next? What is the church’s purpose? Why are there so many? How do I fit in the church? We will answer these questions and more!

In week three we will take a look at prayer and fellowship. What is prayer? Is there a specific way to pray? How can we know our prayers are heard and will be answered? What is fellowship and why is it important in the life of the believer? Is it OK to be isolated as a Christian? This class answers all of these questions and more!

In week four we will explore the topics of forgiveness and giving/tithing. What does it mean to truly forgive someone? What does it mean to be forgiven? How does Jesus’ sacrifice make a difference with forgiveness? Why does God need my money? What does He do with it? What is tithing versus general financial giving? These and many more questions will be answered in this vital class!

In week five we will look at communion and baptism. What is communion? Do I need to participate in it? How does communion assist in my walk with God? What is water baptism? If I was baptized as a baby, isn’t that good enough? Is there a biblical type of baptism? These questions and more will be answered in our final class of this series.

Discipleship for Life: ESSENTIALS

This series takes a look at 10 essential areas for a deeper spiritual life. From this class you will be motivated to make these primary components part of your daily walk with God.
Consists of 5 weekly sessions.

In the first week, we will take a look at sin/separation from God and Jesus/the cross. What is sin? How did it get here and what can be done about it? Why does sin separate us from God? Do Christians sin? Why did Jesus die on a cross? What was so special about his life and death? What does the cross mean for us today? These questions and more will be answered in this class.

In week two we will take a look at spiritual gifts and serving. What is a “spiritual gift?” Do I have them? Do all Christians have them? What is the purpose of these gifts? Why should we serve others? Why should we serve in the church? These questions and more will be answered in this important class.

In week three we will take a look at godly authority and unity. Is God’s authority different than worldly authority? Where did authority come from? How are we supposed to view authority biblically? What is unity? What does the Bible say about unity? These questions and more will be answered in this powerful session.

In week four we will explore the topics of holiness and sharing your faith. What is holiness? Can humans be holy like God? How are we supposed to apply holiness to our lives? How do I share my faith with others? What if I don’t feel equipped to “evangelize?” Are there specific ways in which I can tell someone else about Jesus? All of these questions and more will be answered in this compelling last class of the series.

Streams 1

From a river flows a stream. Streams 1 classes are Bible training classes, designed to help you become more familiar with the Word of God. Topics may include characters in the Bible, books of the Bible, and focused studies on biblical themes.
Length of classes vary. 

Streams 2

Streams 2 classes are practical, powerful Christian application classes, designed to help bring more depth and power to your walk with God. Topics may include things such as the power of prayer, fasting, God’s anointing, the Holy Spirit, and healing.
Length of classes vary.